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Avast! Antivirus provides comprehensive virus protection, providing users with first-class security solutions. These include permanent protection services and automatic daily virus database updates to ensure that your data has the most secure and up-to-date protection.  Avast! antivirus Home Edition provides home users with free download services.

This past August, avast! Antivirus was independently tested by AV-Comparatives and was awarded the Advanced+ award.  In the same month, PCWorld gave avast! antivirus the Best Bet award. 


In order to provide the user with an effective and responsive antivirus management process, avast! Antivirus software runs on a central management system (ADNM) through which network administrators can manage the avast! antivirus software. The flexibility and scalability of the avast! antivirus software allows it to be the ideal solution for both small businesses needing simple antivirus software, to large business networks spanning multiple continents.

The avast! ADNM system consists of the following components: 

       avast! Management Server [avast! Management Server (AMS)] 
       SQL Database
       Management Console [Administration Console]

avast! Anti-virus products provide the most efficient protection by minimizing the user's management at individual workstations and transferring the monitoring and management of the antivirus software to servers on the network.

Compared to other antivirus products on the market, avast! Antivirus demonstrates its excellent performance in a number of ways. It is one of the fastest virus scanners on the market, while maintaining one of the lowest false positive rates.

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