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Introduction of ASK IT LIMITED


With  a convenient location, modern classroom facilities, a wide range of course offerings including technical skills, soft skills and professional management training, and dedicated instructors who are experts in their areas of study, the ASKIT Training Centre is the ideal place to train your IT professionals.

The classes also offer hands-on practical exercises and intimate classroom environments, providing students with a better and more effective learning experience.

Professional Environment

Classrooms are equipped with the latest in training technology, including computers, projectors, sound systems and high speed wifi connections.  The intimate class setting provides students with a comfortable environment in which to interact with the instructor and other students.

Newest Technology




We are the only training centre in Hong Kong that uses HP Thin Clients in all our technology training courses. 



Relaxed Setting
We provide a selection of free drinks and snacks in our sitting area, and students may help themselves during short breaks. A wide variety of the latest issues of Hong Kong IT magazines and newspapers will also be provided for students to read while relaxing.



How to find us?

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Rm. 2005, 20/F, Eastern Centre, 1065 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
TELEPHONE:3105 1266 FAX:3105 1382

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